1. The website www.geomiso.com (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) belongs to the company under the name GEOMISO SINGLE MEMBER PRIVATE COMPANY, with Greek Tax Identification Number: 800844665, Tax Office: B’ LARISSAS, No. GEMI: 142778340000 (Registration No.) based in Farsala in Larissa Greece (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) and through which the Company provides digital content products and services to its visitors according to the following terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”). The visitor / user of the Website (hereinafter referred to as “User(s)”) should carefully read the Terms before using the Website and in any case before proceeding to the purchase of any product or service through it. In any case, if the User proceeds to any use of the Website it means that he unreservedly acknowledges and accepts them. The Company is entitled to change the Terms at any time and without prior notice to Users. The Terms apply and cover the use and operation of the Website and all its subdomains, as well as its forum, blog (geomiso.info) as well as any social media managed by the Company. In case of doubt the subdomains of the Website also fall into the scope of the term “Website”.

2. Access to the Website is only effected via the internet using any browser. The Company bears no responsibility if the User can’t access the Website due to technical problems.

3. Through the Website, the Company provides to the Users free (no charge) access to general information about the Company (history, establishment, group, research programs, corporate social responsibility, social media), software (editions, licenses, technical features), the e-shop (products, brief description, technical specifications), technical support, types of subscription to the Website, pricing policy and ways of communication as well as any other information that the Company regards relevant with the subject of the Website.

The Company also offers the possibility to purchase products and services against a defined fee and according to their characteristics as specified for each of them. Products and services may be provided either upon registration of the User to the Website or without registration.

For the registration of the User to the Website it is required the creation of a Username and a Password, which are formed according to the relevant instructions at the stage of its configuration and may change whenever the User wishes. The User is fully responsible for the completeness, truth, accuracy, correctness and validity of the data he provides.

It is expressly forbidden that the User discloses in any way and by any means to any third party his credentials. The User is required to keep safe his credentials with due care and not to disclose to any third party; he bears sole responsibility for their use. In any case, the Company is not responsible for unauthorized use of the User’s registration information.

The Website addresses to both natural persons and legal entities, which are entitled to buy products/ services. In case that the purchase is effected by a legal entity, the User should be duly authorized. In any case, the Company bears no responsibility in case of illegal, beyond authorization or unauthorized use of the User’s credentials and consequently bears no responsibility in case that any purchase has been effected by unauthorized representative of a legal entity. The legal entity bears full responsibility for the right use of the credentials.

In any case, the Company bears no responsibility for any unauthorized, abusive or illegal use of the User’s credentials (natural person or legal entity) and consequently bears no liability of any nature against the User for any damage that he may suffer.

4. The data provided by the User for the purchase of a product and / or service (when no registration is required) or for registration on the Website are used solely for access to and use thereof. The Company safeguards the confidentiality of personal data provided by the User in accordance with applicable national and European legislation and processes them in accordance with the applicable Data Protection & Privacy Policy of the Company for the period of time that is necessary and following explicit, specific consent granted by the User. The Company does not transfer and doesn’t disclose in any way and by any means the personal data that it maintains and processes to any third party, except in the cases provided by the applicable law. In any case, the User may request the deletion or the modification of his data at any time.

5. The Website and all of its content, including -indicatively and not limited to- products and services, software, designs, images, photographs, design of the Website and trademark constitute intellectual property (copyrights and industrial property) of the Company and are duly protected by applicable Greek and European law, except in the case that rights of reproduction, republication or copy are provided as well as in the case of copyright owned by third parties expressly mentioned and protected.

Consequently, it is expressly prohibited in any way and by any means the reproduction, republication, copying, storage, sale, transmission, translation, modification in any way, even in part or in summary form and in general any processing of the above for any purpose without the prior, express and written consent of the Company; in case of breach the Company reserves all rights provided by the relative legislation, including compensation claims, notwithstanding User’s criminal liability. The rights of third-party information material as well as any other explicitly acknowledged rights of third parties for which the copyright owner is responsible are expressly excluded.

In any case, access to the Website does not imply granting, concession or transfer of any right of use, ownership or any other right on the Website and its content for any purpose, explicitly including the products, unless otherwise provided.

6. The categories of digital content products sold by the Company through the Website are indicative and not limited to: Computer-Aided Design (CAD) / Computer-Aided Design (CAE) (licenses, download), Access in documentation and software applications (through paid subscription- registration), Studies on engineering problems (Projects, download), Models (Models, download), Images (Images, download).

The categories of services offered for sale by the Company through the Website are indicative and not limitative: Seminars / Webinars related to the use of the Geomiso software and the new isogeometric method, Workshops, concerning the Geomiso software and the new isogeometric method, Courses on the engineering science.

The Company offers for sale its products, licenses/ rights of use and / or services in accordance with the Terms as well as any other specific terms (i.e. license, guarantee, update services, technical support, etc.) and features that are specifically related to each particular product or service and are explicitly specified therein; these data are known to the User prior to the purchase of the product or service and he expressly acknowledges and accepts them prior to the purchase.

7. The Company warrants that the product and / or service is ready to be used for sale as “is” in accordance with its specific features as identified on the Website at the date of purchase and in any case solely for the use for which is intended.

It is expressly forbidden to the User to commercially exploitation in any way of the product or the service bought via the Website, explicitly including the resale of it.

The Company warrants that the products and / or services offered for sale are adequate and correct solely for their intended use. The Company does not bear any responsibility for any use of the product or service which is inappropriate, incorrect or illegal or in any case other than the use for which it is intended. Furthermore, the Company does not guarantee the accuracy and correctness of the results derived by the User and does not bear any responsibility for the results that the User derives and for the use thereof, including explicitly any liability for any kind of damage to the User or any third party (natural person or legal entity).

8. The User should carefully read the Terms and any special terms of service for each product or service. Via the Website the Company sells and the User purchases a service and / or products which are not provided or integrated on a physical medium. Therefore, due to the particular nature of the product / service provided, in the event of purchase, User’s withdraw is not possible. The Company must inform the User that he loses its right to withdraw from each purchase.

The Company provides the possibility of product correction solely for the products falling into the category of “Projects, Models and Images” if the User proves that this is a product whose one or more files are not provided in accordance with their description, as listed on the Website at the date of purchase (i.e. if there are data errors or if data is missing) provided that the file has not been processed or modified, or if image files do not open or have been downloaded with the watermark of the company.

The Company may refund the User only in the case of a product of the Software category and in particular if the User proves that one or more of its files contain a bug that renders it impossible to run on the User’s computer, that the user’s computer has all the necessary technical specifications defined in the product description and that the file has not been processed or modified.

9. The Company does not bear any responsibility if the User’s computer does not have the required technical / functional specifications for the installation and operation of the product or service as identified in each individual product / service. The User should carefully study the specific features and the specific terms of the product and / or service before proceeding to their purchase.

10. The Company, in addition to the products and services it offers, provides additional services to the User for technical support at the stage of product installation and technical support after product installation as provided in the “Communication” section of the Website. The provision of such services to the User may be effected either free of charge or against fee in accordance with the terms of purchase of each product or service or according to the technical support services purchased by the User.

The Company may modify its pricing policy and cease the provision of a service free of charge without prior notice to Users, but must inform Users of such change as soon as it is done.

11. The Company is not responsible for any loss of data or other damage that may be linked in any way with the functions performed during access, browsing or use of the Website. The User is solely responsible for protecting his system from viruses in the context when using the internet.

12. The Company takes every reasonable and available measure and adopts procedures to achieve the secure transmission of information and the integrity of the data collected through the Internet, secure access and browsing of the User on the Website and the execution of transactions as well as the limitation of cases of illegal use of the relevant data. These procedures protect User’s data from any unauthorized access or disclosure, loss or misuse, alteration or destruction. They also contribute in verifying the accuracy of the data and its proper use.

Connection to the Website is secure because SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology is used. SSL technology is based on a key code for encrypting data before sending it over (SSL) connection. The security check between the data and the Server is based on the unique key code ensuring full communication. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera browsers support the SSL protocol and are suggested to be used to connect to the Website.

However, the Company is not responsible for any third party access to the information transmitted unless it is shown to be fraudulent or grossly negligent.

13. The User may pay by using a debit, credit or prepaid card, PayPal, by depositing the amount on the following account of the Company (any deposit costs are borne by the User): GR32 0171 2530 0062 5314 2056 116 (PIRAEUS BANK), SWIFT: PIRBGRAA, BENEFICIARY: ΤΖΕΟΜΑΙΖΟ ΜΟΝΟΠΡΟΣΩΠΗ ΙΔΙΩΤΙΚΗ ΚΕΦΑΛΑΙΟΥΧΙΚΗ ΕΤΑΙΡΕΙΑ/ GEOMISO SINGLE MEMBER PRIVATE COMPANY, as well as any other way indicated by the Company.

The credit / debit card that the User will use to purchase a product and / or service through the Website is charged only once for that transaction. In order to minimize the possibility of unauthorized access, the user’s card details will be encrypted and, upon receipt of the order, will require pre-approval of the User’s card by the bank to ensure that there is sufficient credit balance to complete the transaction. Credit cards are subject to validation and approval checks by the bank, which, if not taken immediately, may be delayed. It is clarified that in any case the Company has no liability for any delay or any issue that may arise during the control of the bank which will result in any cancellation of the transaction. In any case, the User will be notified accordingly.

In case of deposit in the Company’s above bank account, it is expressly stated that the User is required to send a deposit receipt bearing all the details indicated by the Company and the completion of the transaction takes place only by crediting the corresponding amount in the Company’s account and not only by transferring it.

The User is solely responsible for the full, correct and accurate recording of the card details and the correct completion of the bank account information of the Company as well as the other data required for the timely deposit of the amount and the purchase of the respective product. The Company is not responsible for the personal data and privacy policy adopted by the financial organizations with which it cooperates to complete the transaction and / or any fault of them.

14. The Company uses cookies to facilitate the User’s access to the services offered on the Website as well as for statistical purposes (e.g. website visits, recording of visitors’ interest in the products and services of the Company). The Company uses both persistent cookies and session cookies when using the Website upon explicit, specific consent granted by the User and as provided in the relevant cookies policy, in order to ensure and facilitate the User’s access to the product/ services offered by the Website, as well as for statistical purposes (i.e. recording visiting rate of the Website and the interest of the Users regarding the products/ services of the Company). The session cookies expire and are automatically deleted when the User leaves the Website or closes the web browser. More specifically, the Website uses secure cookies, functional cookies and performance cookies as well as the service Google Analytics provided by Google.

Cookies are small data files that are sent by a server to the web browser or to a device stored in the user’s browser cache or on a mobile device. The User can configure browser settings to accept or reject cookies.

15. The Website may allow the User to access links, hyperlinks, banners on third-party websites, the content of which is governed by the sole responsibility of the owners / administrators of those websites. The Company does not guarantee their availability and is not responsible for the content, correctness, legality, completeness, update and accuracy of the information provided on the above websites, terms of use, personal data and privacy policy that the owners of such websites, as well as for any damage to be suffered by the User.

16. The User, having carefully read the Terms, is required to make a reasonable and appropriate use of the Website, including but not limited to the following: not to act in any way contrary to law, morality and business ethics, not to infringe any third party intellectual property rights (natural persons or legal entities, for example defamation) in any way and by any means, not to proceed to any use which is not related to the use for which the Website is intended (i.e. uploading unrelated posts), using the Website for promotion and advertisement purposes, misleading third parties as to the content, products and services of the Website, damaging the Website or any User, or in general making abusive comments and reviews.

Apart from the rights provided to the Company by the law, the Company is entitled to delete the relevant posts without prior notice to the User.

17. The use of the Website, as well as the purchase of a product and / or service through it, is governed by Greek law. The nullity of any term herein does not in any way result in the invalidity of all Terms. The Terms have been drafted in Greek and English. In case of doubt the Greek text prevails over English. In the event of any dispute that arises from the use of this Website or the purchase of a product and / or service, the courts of Athens are competent.